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Tünde Kiszel still cannot comprehend what Donatella did

Tünde Kiszel still cannot comprehend what Donatella did

As our newspaper has already announced, it has been published with whom Elvish The 2024 calendar, which this year’s theme was inspired by 100-year-old Disney, featured her dressed as Barbie on the cover. The sexy diva is A In mocha She also appeared elegantly in a foamy pink dress: After explaining why she chose this particular topic and how much time it takes to prepare such a calendar, His daughter Hunyadi stated DonatellaAnd also Dancing with the Stars.

Tünde Kiszel was Mokka’s guest. Photo: TV2/Moka

Tondi told us that she regularly asks her daughter what she thinks about her calendars: Donatella, with her youthful attitude, gives very good feedback, she said, and she also found this year’s Disney fairy tale theme a great idea. Then the lecturers showered him with praise The girl’s dance from the past, which was also full of touching moments.

I didn’t know what kind of music they were dancing to, and I didn’t know that in the end I would also receive flowers and be called on stage. It was truly a miracle, I cried the whole time, and I’m still under its influence!

– Tunde Kiszel, who added that she does not interfere in the dancing at all, she is just Donatella and her dance partner, said. Dennis Boddy Excellence. By the way, the model was very afraid of her daughter from the media for a long time and tried to protect her: precisely for this reason Donatella did not accept any more offers, although she was invited to many places.

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