Tunde Bulgar's husband was imprisoned in Croatia

Tunde Bulgar’s husband was imprisoned in Croatia

Tund Bulgar and her husband Arpad Bulgar have traveled almost all over the world, where they love to travel. They have been at home for a long time due to the epidemic, but in their vlog they remember some unforgettable experiences.

Among other things, it turns out that they were reluctant to go to Croatia, as the husband of his luxurious wife was imprisoned for a day.

“I came home from the Adriatic Sea once, and in the long line I came alone, cars in a row, in crowded lines, we drove through small villages. Suddenly, the policemen waved at him and wanted to punish him quickly. I felt unreal and unfair because I was getting waved, and others were going in the same direction. I was angry, pointing to my pocket. They did not know English of course, or did not want to, I resorted to the sign. It took me a lot to understand! They asked for three thousand to five hundred kunas, and I didn’t want to pay because I felt so wronged. I deformed my belt to understand that I only had the pants, “Arpad recalls in the video.

“Then they took me to an interrogation room, where three or four policemen sat in front of me, including an interpreter. They sat like an impromptu court. He told him, with the help of an interpreter, what really happened, and was immediately acquitted.

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