Tsunami hits Pacific Ocean Tonga: video as water submerges an island

Tsunami hits Pacific Ocean Tonga: video as water submerges an island

Tsunami waves hit the island of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean after local authorities I ordered a tsunami BBC writes. This phenomenon was caused by a huge underwater volcanic eruption only 65 kilometers from the island. The eruption of the Hongga Tonga-Hanga Hawapai volcano was not uncommon.

Since then, a number of videos have appeared on Twitter stating that the waves that reached the island inundated many buildings, including the temple and the homes of local families, as well as local eyewitnesses said that ash fell on the capital, Nuku Alofa. a resident of Tonga, Just Taufa He said the outbreak happened when his family was preparing for dinner and his younger brother thought bombs were going to explode nearby. Tonga Geological Services said plumes of gas, smoke and ash flowing from the volcano shot 20 kilometers into the sky.

The photo below shows what pours water into the local church.

But it was recorded that people were fleeing the waves that stormed the island with their cars.

The eight-minute blast was so loud that it could be heard in Fiji, more than 800 kilometers away. The Fiji government has issued a tsunami warning and opened evacuation centers for those living in low-lying coastal areas. New Zealand, located more than 2,300 km away, has also been warned of waves caused by the volcanic eruption. According to local authorities, in some parts of New Zealand, “strong and unusual currents and unexpected waves can be expected on the coast following a major volcanic eruption.”

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