Trump’s veto was first criticized by the US Senate

For the first time since his election, the majority Republican Senate voted on Friday to reject US President Donald Trump’s veto.

The President vetoed the $ 740 billion ($ 220.2 trillion) defense budget bill, challenging several elements of the Defense Approval Act.

The Senate wrote the president’s veto by 81 to 13, far more than the required two-thirds majority, just two days before Congress is reelected on Sunday, November 3, he takes the oath and takes office.

Trump, who will step down on January 20 after his presidential defeat, has vetoed the presidency eight times.

The Defense Budget Act has been passed every year without problems since the 1960s. Both houses of Congress, the Democratic-majority House and the Republican-majority Senate, passed it by large majorities this year as well, but the president vetoed a two-thirds majority in both houses of Parliament to annul it.

The senators voted one by one and it became clear Friday afternoon local time that enough senators would vote against the presidential veto. (MTI)

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