Trump's son keeps pleading with his dad to stop the Capitol siege

Trump’s son keeps pleading with his dad to stop the Capitol siege

Donald Trump Jr bombed his father’s chief of staff, saying only the president could stop the loss of control on January 6.

The latter has received a lot of criticism months Donald Trump Jr.The son of the former US president, but now it turns out that he is capable of common sense. the BBC News writes about Early Capitol Siege Text messages sent by Donald Trump Jr have been submitted to the investigation committee Mark Medusnack, to his father’s chief of staff on the day of the riots.

January 6, 2021 was the day the US legislature officially verified the Democratic Party Joe Biden His victory in the presidential elections, which he described – without any justification – as a trick by the late president. Large-scale demonstrations were organized by organizations close to the Republican Party in Washington to this day, which then got out of the control of the organizers, and some critics even said that the then-president, great. Donald Trump He swarmed with the crowd that headed to the Capitol, that is, the Legislative Council building. They stormed there, deputies and senators had to be evacuated, people were killed and wounded.

So Donald Trump Jr sent several messages that day asking Meadows to reach out to the president to stop the mob (belief that Trump could influence them). Republican Liz CheneyAccording to the deputy head of the investigation committee, the president’s son sent brief and difficult messages such as: this is:

You have to condemn this nonsense now.

Cheney said the chief of staff also responded to Trump Jr that he was very satisfied with the president. The exchange of letters was repeated over and over again, Trump Jr. wrote that the situation had spiraled out of control, and only his father could put his words in order.

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Earlier on Monday, it also emerged that several well-known faces on the longtime pro-Trump Fox News channel also sent a message to Meadows, to reach out to Trump to stop the crowd. Laura Ingraham He argued that Trump would destroy his presidential legacy if he did not intervene. Based on all this, Cheney claims that (although he is a Republican)

The White House knew exactly what was going on in the Capitol.

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