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Trump’s popularity has plummeted to last week

Trump's popularity has plummeted to last week

By the last week of his presidency, it had fallen to an all-time low Donald Trump Popularity of the President of the United States. Saturday’s summary of election analysis portal FiveThirtyEight reveals this

On average, 58% of those polled are against Donald Trump’s presidency, while 38% agree. On January 5th, the day before the Capitol siege, that rate was still 53.2% and 42.6%, respectively.

Surveys among the adult population showed a rejection of 59.5 percent and 36.5 percent on Saturday. Among Americans who are registered or likely to vote, the difference is slightly smaller: 56.5% of the president’s disapproval and 39.7% of his support.

Some polls also show that the president’s popularity has dropped significantly since the Capitol blockade.

For example, in a January 4-5 poll, the Ipsos poll ranked the camp of supporters of the president at 38 percent and those who rejected his activities at 57 percent, and after a few days the percentage of supporters was 34 percent against 61 percent. YouGov measured 39 and 55 percent in the middle of the week, respectively, and 42 and 52 percent in early January. In a survey conducted by Morning Consult in the first week of January, 41% were in favor and 53% opposed, in 12-14 January only 34% of respondents were supportive and 60% They did not support the president’s action.

The data also shows that Trump’s activities were still supported by a relative majority when he was inaugurated in 2017, but as early as February 2017, those who disagreed with the president’s policies were the majority, and that remained that way until the last day of the cycle. The data also shows that the number of supporters and disapproval of the president’s activities approached each other in early April of last year, when only a relative majority, 49.7 percent, said they disagreed with Trump’s actions, and 45.8 percent said they wrote MTI in support of what the president is doing.

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Although he still has a few days into his presidency, the trend is for Donald Trump to leave the White House with a approval rating of less than 40 per cent. Since World War II, in the history of modern polls, it has never been the case that support for the president is below 40 percent and his disapproval is higher than 50 percent at the end of his first term. Among outgoing presidents, alongside Donald Trump Jimmy Carter He is the only one whose popularity did not reach 50% at the end of his term.

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