Trump's hopes seem to have been dashed -

Trump’s hopes seem to have been dashed –

So far, his support within the party has been unquestioned, but that’s changing fast: After days of disappointing midterm results, Republican voters no longer vote with Donald Trump, but with Ron DeSantis, who didn’t ask for the former. Support the president, and score a stunning victory in Florida for him in 2024 – she says euronews.

Conservative Fox News called the latest YouGov poll “one of the top stories of the midterm elections”: according to a survey of 413 Republican and independent voters, 42 percent want DeSantis to be the party’s presidential candidate within two years. While only 35% prefer it Donald Trump.

The poll was conducted immediately after a disappointing result for the party on Tuesday, when it was not yet known whether Republicans would take control of one chamber of Congress from Democrats, considered candidates in both the House and Senate before Election Day. .

Earlier, the former boss was better off

In a YouGov poll conducted in mid-October, Trump still boasted the support of 45 percent of Republicans and Republican associates, with him trailing DeSantis by ten points. But on Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly rejected the Republican candidates Trump backed in the campaign trail.

During the election campaign, Trump made no secret of his hatred for his potential rival: The former president went so far as to publicly warn the governor of Florida against running for president in 2024, saying it would hurt Florida. republican for a party.

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