Trump's companies have been found guilty of tax evasion

Trump’s companies have been found guilty of tax evasion

A New York jury found him guilty of tax evasion and years of falsifying business statements on Tuesday. Donald Trump Two companies linked to a former US president.

Two subsidiaries of Trump’s corporate empire were found guilty on all 17 counts, including ongoing tax violations in a criminal organization. According to the indictment, the company’s top executives used high-value corporate benefits to reduce their personal income tax liability: luxury apartments, Mercedes cars, Christmas fringes, even free cable TV, on which they did not pay taxes.

He sat in the dock Alex Weisselbergalso the CFO of the suspended Trump Organization (The Trump Organization), who struck a deal with the prosecution.

The former director of the company admitted his guilt in 15 crimes and that he was aware of the chain of tax evasion, as well as that he did not pay taxes on income of $ 1.76 million, and he could get out of the process after 5 months in prison and a fine.

“We can see the inner workings of the Trump Organization: greed, lies and fraud,” said the Manhattan attorney general.

After the sentencing, Donald Trump issued a statement expressing his view that the actions against his company were a “politically motivated witch hunt”.

Trump corporate attorney Alan Futerfas After leaving the court, he announced that he would appeal the ruling.

Donald Trump and his family members were not charged in the lawsuit, but New York prosecutors alleged during the trial that the tax evasion occurred with the former president’s personal approval. The procedure and investigation of the case took three years.

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Upon conviction, the Trump Organization could be fined up to $1.6 million on these charges.

(MTI/The New York Times)

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