Trump will even pardon those trapped in the Capitol if re-elected

Trump will even pardon those trapped in the Capitol if re-elected

The former president asked his supporters to organize protests if the authorities take action against him.

He gave speeches in front of tens of thousands of people Donald trump A former US president in Texas on Saturday stood as supporters convicted of the unprecedented blockade of the Capitol stood.

About event A The New York Times Trump said that if he were re-elected and won, he would conceivably grant a presidential pardon to those arrested in connection with the attack on the Capitol.

All this according to Trump because these people deserve fair treatment, and if it is at the expense of grace then

Have mercy on them, because now they are treated unfairly.

As a result of the blockade last January, 700 people have been arrested so far, many of them defending themselves by carrying out Trump’s orders.

In addition to the amnesty issue, the former president touched on another topic at the event: His supporters called for demonstrations in New York and Atlanta if prosecutors working in those cities took action against him.

If these demonic racist pretenders do anything bad or corrupt, we will make the biggest protest ever to the country

Trump said he is already being investigated by the authorities in these two places.

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