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Trump vote fraud allegations spread on social media despite the restrictions | US Election 2020

False or misleading allegations of election fraud are spreading on Twitter, The social networking site Facebook And YouTube, even as the platforms continue to implement special measures aimed at curbing the spread of misinformation about the US presidential election.

Major social media platforms are suppressing disinformation, prominently displaying election results or attaching warning posters to Donald Trump’s posts. It seeks to undermine the validity of the vote.

According to social analytics platforms like NewsWhip and CrowdTangle, Allegations about voting irregularities It became among the most shared content on Facebook.

The top three jobs are all from Donald TrumpAccording to CrowdTangle: Someone claims “fake votes” in Nevada, with Trump succeeding Joe Biden with 6,000 votes; Another claimed that Georgia, where Trump is 13,000 votes behind while awaiting a recount, would be a “great presidential victory.” And third, he says that “a very large number of ballot papers” will be affected by “setting the threshold”, the meaning of which is unclear.

CrowdTangle data showed that the top news on Facebook is also dominated by the right’s allegations of “wrongdoing” and “fraud”. Three of the top 10 posts are links from Trump to the far-right news site Breitbart, which cover Attorney General Bill Barr’s investigation of “voting irregularities” and inquiries in Michigan and Georgia; Fourth, the right-wing Newsmax website, which described the state of Pennsylvania as a “constitutional farce”.

Joining Trump in the top ten are two posts by Republican media outlet Dan Bongino supporting the idea that electoral fraud is responsible for Trump’s loss, and a Fox News report quoting Trump’s campaign team saying they are “not backing down.”

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Ben Rhodes, a former deputy national security advisor to the White House to Obama, attacked Facebook directly for its failures. “At this moment, Facebook is spreading disinformation that destroys confidence in American democracy so that its billionaire CEO can make more money from clicks and ads,” he wrote in Twitter. “It is getting harder to understand how people of good conscience work there.”

The right-wing dominance of Facebook is not new, but it does indicate that the company’s efforts to curb disinformation after the election are losing momentum.

Once Biden was called to the election, the top-performing positions changed briefly: with Bongino, for example, being in the top ten over the past 37 days, the highest-performing entries were on November 7 led by the New York Times, CNN and National Public Radio; The next day, CNN and NPR ranked between them seven of the top 10 openings.

This remarkable transformation has caused some, Like Mother Jones editor-in-chief Clara JefferyLet’s wonder if Facebook intentionally changed its algorithm to win the Biden administration. Others argued that it was likely just a rare flurry of activity on the part of the site’s happy left-wing users.

Ryan Broderick, author of the book Garbage Day Internet Culture NewsletterMaybe between the two, he said.

“I never think that a Facebook-sized website, i.e. a site led by people who seem so far removed from the daily events of their user base, can instantly choke off the majority of their content overnight without essentially shutting down the website,” Broderick says.

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“I think it’s more likely that a group of American liberals got good news for the first time in four years, and the platform’s reckless recommendation engine reacted accordingly.”

Major social media platforms connect Suppress such wrong information, At least officially. Facebook has pinned election results to the front of users’ newsfeeds and appends posters to Trump posts explaining the truth behind the election.

Twitter no longer strictly limits Trump’s tweets, but continues to add captions warning users that: “This allegation about election fraud is disputed.”

even in Youtube He takes action, demonizing videos from media outlets like Trump’s One America News claiming that “Trump won,” even though the platform has said it does not contradict its policies of seeking to harm the election process unless this is done before the election takes place.

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