Trump removed more than 700 pages of state secrets from the White House

Former US President Donald Trump took more than 700 pages of classified documents with him in January 2021 when he was forced to leave the White House after his election defeat. All this appeared in the information that the National Archives employee sent to Trump’s lawyer.

Before the letter was published in full, John Solomon, a Trump aide, hinted in Steve Bannon’s podcast that according to the letter, President Joe Biden could somehow be behind the actions against Trump. This claim turned out to be unfounded, and the letter made no such claim at all.

Photo: Brandon BELL/Getty Images via AFP

FBI Trump’s Florida estate was occupied on August 8According to their declaration, they took from there many secret and top-secret documents, which could not have left the White House area. The message that was just released confirmed that Trump kept documents with him.

Trump maintains that he has done nothing wrong and that documents have already been declassified as president. According to the suit brought by his legal team, the former president’s lawyers say federal investigators were only looking for documents of political value in order to prevent Trump from running for president again. (The New York Times)

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