Trump moves every stone so he doesn't check his Capitol siege records

Trump moves every stone so he doesn’t check his Capitol siege records

He invokes his presidential powers and goes to the Supreme Court.

Donald trump The former US president appealed to the Supreme Court in Washington on Thursday to block the transfer of documents to a congressional committee to block the Capitol, MTI wrote.

The conservative-majority judiciary must now decide whether the former president has the right to refuse to transmit notes made during his administration on the basis of presidential powers, thereby override Atmosphere Biden Authorization from the current president.

The former president had previously tried unsuccessfully in lower courts to prevent the transfer of documents requested by the committee from the National Archives. These are his presidency notes, attendance lists, memoranda, transcripts of speeches, recorded telephone conversations, and written communications between the president and his advisors that may provide insight into the January 6 violent events and the former president’s potential role in them.

Trump denies cooperating with the committee, citing the principle of presidential powers. Under this principle, the president may refuse to provide certain information to Congress or the courts. However, a federal court recently dismissed Trump’s suit. The court found that the former president had no grounds to challenge current President Joe Biden’s decision to release the documents.

The White House has already stated that Biden is not exercising his presidential powers and will not stand in the way of handing over necessary documents to a congressional committee because he believes this is in the interest of the American nation.

The US Legislature building was surrounded on January 6, including by Trump supporters, following the then-president’s inflammatory speech. On the Capitol, the Senate is about to certify the results of the November presidential election, which was won by Democratic Party Joe Biden. Five people were killed in the clashes, including a police officer. Trump was charged with constitutional prosecution, but was eventually acquitted. More than 570 people have been arrested in connection with the Capitol blockade so far, and 650 cases have been prosecuted, according to the US Department of Justice.

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