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Trump is trying to make the most of his historic arrest photo

Trump is trying to make the most of his historic arrest photo

The image of Donald Trump defiantly looking into the camera at the Fulton County Sheriff’s office in Georgia will go down in history. This is the first photo taken by the police of a former US president after his fourth arrest in five months.

Photo of the arrest of Donald Trump

Donald Trump then took to X, formerly Twitter, for the first time since January 2021 to share his website address and an image of the crime in all caps with the caption:

Electoral interference never despair!

Within hours, his campaign website was selling mugs, T-shirts and drink coolers emblazoned with the arrest.

John BoltonThe photo, who served as a national security adviser under President Trump, said the photo was likely carefully staged.

I think this is a sign of intimidation of prosecutors and judges

He told CNN.

He could smile. It would have been benign. Instead, he looks like a thug

John Bolton added.

A photo was taken in prison of Donald Trump

Here is prisoner number P01135809. They also took the fingerprints of the former US president in Atlanta. Read more —>

Donald Trump is well aware of the power of his public image. Although the photo of the former US president’s arrest in Fulton County is of poor quality, it still has tremendous advertising value.

Despite the low resolution Ed MeyerHowever, the University of York professor of modern American history said Trump and his campaign staff “clearly believe there is a lot to be gained from an image like this.”

Even more remarkable is the style of Donald Trump. Even the image of the police can be used to build political capital and inspire your base.

Some conservative commentators have already drawn similarities to Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr, who have also been depicted in captivity, including in the famous 1963 photo from Birmingham Jail.

They did the same thing with Martin Luther King Jr

For example, comedian Terrence K. Williams, a Trump supporter, tweeted:

Tragic comedy or legitimate sequel spell?

Trump faces his fourth impeachment
A new case against Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, has been initiated in the state of Georgia. And the political entrepreneur has to answer for what happened after the 2020 elections. The former president called the new accusations absurd and once again referred to the witch-hunt. Read more —>

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