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Trump: I’m sure the judge will rule against me

Trump: I’m sure the judge will rule against me

Donald Trump and the judge who heard his case got into a heated argument in the courtroom.

A heated exchange of words developed in the New York court of competent jurisdiction Donald Trump The judge who will try on Monday the civil case against the former US president and his companies for fraud, MTI reported.

The former president testified at the hearing and answered questions from the New York State Attorney in that capacity. The questions revolved around previous statements by Donald Trump about the value of his companies. In the economic lawsuit trial, the former president and current Republican presidential candidate, citing his long experience in business, explained that the value of his business interests was much higher than what was reported in the newspapers. The lawsuit revolves around setting the value of Trump’s companies because, according to the indictment, they were set much higher than they actually were, thus misleading the lending banks.

Meanwhile, in one of Donald Trump’s answers, he stated that he was “sure the judge would rule against him,” which he did Arthur Engoron The judge warned him to answer the prosecutor’s question directly, otherwise he could be removed from the witness stand.

As he left the court late Monday afternoon, the former president said this trial should never have begun.

Letitia JamesThe New York State Attorney General told the court that he would not allow himself to be intimidated and claimed that the documents show that the former president benefited financially from the false determination of the value of his companies. According to the prosecutor, Donald Trump’s statements in court served to “distract attention.”

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What’s at stake in the lawsuit is whether Trump’s companies can keep their licenses to operate in New York state. Donald Trump, his eldest children, and the Trump Organization have been sued by Letitia James for fraud, alleging that Donald Trump overstated the value of his businesses and thus gained a financial advantage.

The trial, which began in October, was preceded by the fact that at the end of September, Judge Arthur Engoron had already made a decision to convict Donald Trump and the other defendants responsible for the false statement about the value of their companies.

Donald Trump’s two eldest sons testified in court last week. Donald Trump Jr And Eric Trumpwho is also a defendant in the lawsuit, while on Wednesday, at the initiative of the prosecution, she sought refuge with Donald Trump’s daughter. Ivanka Trump They are scheduled to be heard as witnesses.

It is a civil suit, in which the jury does not decide whether the accused is guilty, but rather the judge makes a decision under his own authority and imposes the punishment. (MTI)

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