Trump fans besiege the Capitol, sacred Bident, Trump hands over power

Trump fans besiege the Capitol, sacred Bident, Trump hands over power

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s ally, is fed up on Wednesday: Graham rose sharply against Republican politicians who challenged the final results of the election, saying he would not support Trump’s baseless claims about election fraud and saw Joe Bident as the next president of the country. .

Speaking in the Senate, Graham said that Trump has nothing in common (“Hell’s Journey”) and he hates that happening, he really hates it a lot, but today he can tell the rebel rebels not to rely on him. . He added that this is too much.

a sample Hill notesGraham didn’t really go the easy way: at the time of the 2016 Republican primaries, he was still one of those who loudly insulted Trump, then became one of his closest allies in the Senate after Trump was elected and helped implement important decisions and appointments.

After Biden won, Graham accepted for some time Trump’s claims that the rigged elections would have produced an unfair outcome. Over time, before the result, and on Sunday he no longer agreed with the Republicans who were preparing to challenge the election result.

After a violent attack on the Capitol, many Republicans who had previously considered it anyway backed away.

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