Trump Effect: Hungary can also learn a lot from the US election

Trump Effect: Hungary can also learn a lot from the US election

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1. Polls have failed

Plus, not for the first time. Almost all the way in 2016 The victory of Donald Trump, then Hillary Clinton Predicted – A pro-democracy candidate was measured with a four percentage point advantage just before the election – yet Republican “miscreants” were allowed to move into the White House.

The current Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, is better, by 10 percentage points, ahead of Trump – but in reality, that didn’t mean much. For now, one can only guess that Trump voters have “cheated” the pollsters or that there is some other reason behind this.

Near the people: Trump mugs at a New York gift shop. (Deposit)

2. The Trump camp is sticking together

The mainstream media can say anything about Donald Trump, any pandemic could come, and the economy could collapse no matter how much because of him, and their supporters would not shy away from him.

The affluent businessman’s appeal to the Eggatlan politician has not faded – his supporters remain as enthusiastic about his campaign events as they were four years ago. sound,

They still see him as the embodiment of a conservative shift, the only hope for resurrecting “old America”.

Looking at him from the other shore, anything cliché, helpless, crook could seem, who has the necessary appeal of being President of the United States.

3. Not enough being Trump is not enough

Biden’s biggest hope was to unify the anti-Trump camp – meaning that whoever could not stand the current president and everything he represented would vote for him. However, this does not appear to be enough – Trump is not enough for the White House.

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Joe Biden had already failed twice, in 1988 and 2008, in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination – he resigned 32 years before the official competition and was subsequently lost by President Barack Obama in 2008 – on the basis of current developments.

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