Trump announces the launch of his own social network

Trump announces the launch of his own social network

Donald Trump The former US president announced the launch of a new media services company and its own online social network on Wednesday. Trump said the Trump Media & Technology Group and the TRUTH Social app, which is expected to launch as a trial in November, are designed to counter the tyranny of big tech companies.

We live in a world where the Taliban has a heavy Twitter presence, but your favorite American presidents have been silenced. this is unacceptable

Trump confirmed. In addition to the social network, Trump Media & Technology Group also plans to launch a video sharing service with entertainment, news and radio broadcasts.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube banned Trump’s accounts after fans of the then-president surrounded the US legislature on January 6 after an incendiary speech. The Capitol Senate is just a Democrat Joe Biden The results of the presidential election in November, which brought him victory. Five people were killed in the clashes, including a police officer. Trump never admitted defeat and wrote on his social media pages that the election was rigged.

Source: MTI

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