Trump and Biden make last-minute calls on the eve of the election

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) praised the success of its “IWillVote” voting initiative, and revealed that its website Attracted 18,599,788 individual visitors so far this year. With one day on since Election Day, DNC is also launching a new digital ad featuring tennis legend Billie Jean King, urging Americans to vote if they haven’t yet. The announcement will be shown in the major battlefield states.

In the announcement, King cited the record turnout of Americans who voted early. In a final installment, King asked viewers to “help us make this election the highest turnout in American history. Be a history maker – vote on Election Day.”

During the campaign, DNC released ads on various platforms featuring characters such as former President Obama and “Hamilton” star Leslie Odom, Jr., to direct people to IWillVote for more information on how and where to cast their votes. Mr. Obama personally delivered the site at a rally in Flint, Michigan, on October 31.

Mr. Obama said, “Go to” “Find the polling place, go out and vote.”

The DNC I Will Vote website has provided voters with educational resources to set voting by mail and deadlines for early voting in their states. The site also gave voters the opportunity to request polls via their state email, print out a vote request form by mail and request an envelope with prepaid postage.

The site attracted the highest level of traffic on October 8, the night of the Vice Presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. Nearly 1.7 million people visited the site, with a total of over 2.2 million page views, according to a DNC official. During the discussion, Harris mentioned the site.

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A DNC official indicated that 507,703 people started the voter registration process through the website this year, and 636,358 people used the site to request a voting app by mail or to find out how to vote by mail in their state.

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