Trump allowed Biden to suspend oil production at the last Arctic fishing reserve

US President Joe Biden has halted oil production at the Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). In the final months of the presidency of his predecessor, Donald Trump gave his blessing Exploring for oil in the pristine wilderness, which includes polar bears and Grant Cariboucnac hosts too.

The government is now studying in detail the impact of extraction on the environment and is also verifying that Trump’s license was legally valid, He writes for the New York Times.


Photo: Image source via AFP

Environmentalists welcomed the decision, but criticized Bident for turning a blind eye to starting extraction in other parts of the country in recent months. Republican politicians in Alaska are concerned about economic gains.

The International Energy Agency warned last month that world leaders must not allow more production of fossil fuels, or it will be two degrees Celsius warmer than it was before industrialization, with unpredictable consequences. The latest WWF report is all about a degree and a half of warming درجة It would wipe out some major animal species. Previously we passed 1 degree high.

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