The True Meaning Behind No Shave November

Men, or should I said ladies it’s that time again. No shave November is here and the beards are about to be in full effect. No Shave November is the one month where guys let their beards and hair grow out. All are not success stories as some guy’s beards have a hard time connecting and others, it’s just merely impossible. Majority of the guys participate and of course, it’s a competition between their boys, but there is an actual meaning behind no shave November.

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No Shave November is a meaningful way to bring awareness to different kinds of cancer. It started in Chicago in 2009 when a father of 8 passed away due to colon cancer. His kids then started the campaign to honor him and over time it became popular. Instead of spending money on haircuts and grooming you are supposed to save all of the money you would spend and donate it to cancer research charities.  A lot of people get caught up in the hype and some don’t know the actual meaning, but this year I challenge all of the men to put the razors down and support the cause.

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There are even a few closed Facebook groups that show love to the bearded man. D9 Beards are for “Black fraternity men with beards and the beautiful ladies who love them…”Check them out 

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