Truck Eb – Race win and 5th place result for Norbert Case on Sunday

The third race was won by Norbert Case, driver of Révész Racing, who started from pole position on the Sunday of the season-opening weekend of the European Speed ​​Truck Championships in Misano, while in the fourth race he finished sixth, but was officially fifth.

The 38-year-old driver from Szombathely won the qualifying session, just like on Saturday, taking victory from start to finish in the first 12-lap race of the day – the third of the weekend.

In the final race in the late afternoon with an inverted starting grid, Case started from eighth, and managed to improve on two of those positions, so he was thrown into sixth after 12 laps. Then Stephanie Halm, who had finished ahead of her, was hit by a penalty, so Kiss was finally officially fifth.

The four-time European Championship winner from Hungary had to abandon the first race of the season opener on Saturday due to a technical fault, and in the second race he managed to win after starting from the end of the grid after battling it out. path through the entire domain.

“It was a good, strong start, our pace is good and we can also see that our opponents couldn’t perform a miracle and couldn’t implement a technical development that would allow them to get ahead of us. I hope we can put technical errors that have to remain for this,” Norbert Case told M1 current affairs channel. year, but you can always learn more from mistakes, and we do the same and learn from this.”

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Case thus collected 36 points in Misano, putting him in third place overall. Six-time European champion Jochen Han (45 points) is waiting to continue to lead, followed by Spain’s Antonio Albacete, three-time continental champion (39).
This year’s European Truck Season runs June 10-11, in Slovakiaring.

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