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Triumphant return to Coronation City Tono Farago
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Triumphant return to Coronation City Tono Farago

For the sake of historical fidelity, we note that no one before or since has performed so well in water polo at the Olympic tournament as Carver Tono in Montreal. 7 goals in three group stage matches (3-3 against Australia and Canada, one against FRG), then another 15 in the last six, for a total of 22 goals. The nation’s athlete has only defeated the Italians, Dutch and Yugoslavs himself in the sixth round.

The girls didn’t dishonor Farago’s reputation

Why dust off all that?

Well, in the spirit of the place, the Hungarian national team returned to Montreal, to the Olympic pool. It’s true that the women only have one warm-up match, but Canada was our opponent in 1976 as well.

Attila Peru’s team did not embarrass Tamas Farago. After an 8-1 start, they let themselves down a bit, but eventually confidently defeated host Canada, 13-7. Before that, he traveled to the match venue by metro as an event in the history of sports, as the captain of the national team mentioned in his report.

– I expected more serious resistance, although perhaps the Canadians weren’t able to develop as much because of our pressure – The training matches were so far closer, the first was a draw, for example, although we played as soon as he arrived, in the open, Under the pouring rain – Cut Attila PeruThen he didn’t forget why the meeting was special:

Today was different, it was also encouraging, because we played this match in a place of worship, in that indoor pool, in the same pool where Tono Farago became Olympic champion in 1976. In addition, the fact that we arrived by subway gave everything a special charm And I don’t think the Hungarian national team has ever reached a match like this in its life.

The goal was to create such authority against the Canadians at the World Cup that they couldn’t cause any problems in our first group game, and hopefully we’d win there, if not that much.
Incidentally, the result is disingenuous, because several people played at less than their true skill – though I should add that back in the day, we still had rough conditions. I don’t usually mention this, actually, but it’s appropriate to say this now, because it was very noticeable that the two or three players who could hit the ball in a more relaxed style, like Kriszta Garda or Dorka Szilágyi, were able to carry the team, and the others did work Quite industrial, and they were still drunk. We’ll continue the World Cup on Wednesday, and there will be some rest for that – and that’s certainly what was at stake in this match: Because of the win, I’m going to skip tomorrow morning’s fitness.

Warm-up match in Montreal:
Canada-Hungary 7-13 (1-4, 1-4, 2-2, 3-3)
Top scorers: Garda 6, Szilágyi 4, Faragó 2, Gurisatti

Cover photo: Cristina Garda scoring six goals (Photo: István Mirko)

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