Tribes of Midgard come to new platforms with survival mode

Tribes of Midgard come to new platforms with survival mode

Tribes of Midgard will arrive on Xbox and Nintendo Switch in less than a week. At the same time, the role-playing game from Viking also got a major update – all served up by an amazing trailer.

Norsfell’s Viking survival RPG has been available to gamers on PC and PS for over a year now, but now it’s time for Xbox and Nintendo Switch games. On August 16, the first Omens from Ragnaroks will finally appear on these platforms, in which you can fight alone or even in a team of ten.

From the above preview, we’ve filtered out a couple of things. The first is that Surtr, which lends the narrative, can ingest a handful of honey candies, and the second is that the season that begins with the arrival of new platforms brings with it a whole new game mode.

The word “Survival” should not frighten anyone, because according to indications, this game mode will be more lenient than the traditional one. Staying here doesn’t necessarily mean more difficult ordeals – it’s more about the fact that monsters of the apocalypse won’t be knocking on our door every minute in this situation. You’ll be able to explore the funny world of Tribes of Midgard at your own relaxed pace, build, adventure, and develop, and you’ll be able to tackle Surtr themes when you feel like it.

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