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Triangle Galaxy | National Geographic

Triangle Galaxy |  National Geographic

Beautiful M33 is a spiral galaxy about 3 million light-years away and located in the Triangle constellation. Its diameter is 50,000 light-years, which is half the size of its neighbor the Milky Way. The galaxy is a member of a group of galaxies called the Local Group and is in gravitational relationship with the Andromeda Galaxy. The galaxy's mass ranges between 10 and 40 billion solar masses, half of which consists of interstellar matter, dust, and gas. Thanks to this, the star formation activity is significant compared to the other two spiral galaxies in the Local Group, Andromeda and the Milky Way. Many bright hydrogen emission nebulae (red) can be identified in the galaxy's arms, which are regions of intense star formation. The triangle is currently approaching the Andromeda Galaxy and a more violent encounter will occur in 2.5 billion years. It can be seen halfway between the constellations Andromeda and Aries even with a telescope of lower magnification, but with a good eye and under exceptional observing conditions, it can even be seen with the naked eye if one knows where and what to look. It can be seen from Hungary all year round, except in April, because it is in the daytime sky.
Technical information:
Quattro Sky Monitor 250/1000N
Skywatcher EQ-6 R Pro
Zoo ASI2600MM Pro Camera
Starizona Nexus x0.75 coma corrector
Zoo Asia Plus
ZWO ASI174MM compact camera
Antlia LRGB V-Pro, Antlia 3nm Ha filters
30 hours of exhibition time
Pearl Gardens City

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