Travel to the United States without a gorseate

Travel to the United States without a gorseate

Gréta Gurisatti’s finger injury has not been fixed, so the Hungarian women’s water polo team traveled to the US without her, where she will train in California for two weeks in the second stage of preparations in Tokyo, while playing three matches with the US Olympic champion. , Writes MTI.

The national team traveled to the United States without Greta Goresati (Photo: Chapa Dumotor)


“As I mentioned earlier, it is such a success for us that the biggest opportunity in the Olympic Games has chosen us as a partner in preparation this time.” – Tell the website of the Hungarian Water Polo Association Judge Attila Fed captain, referring to the same situation before the Rio Olympics.

The expert pointed out that the best team in the world recently played a preparatory match against Canada after 453 days and won 8-13.

“I saw the confrontation, and I felt that they were far from their best, which is normal. Our goal is to grow with them. What we have planned so far, we have done, in addition to the basis, we have already played water polo, and we have also prepared for matches against the Americans.” “Half of the team knows what to expect, while the young people who take part in such a round for the first time are very excited about what is happening,” added the expert.

Regarding the bronze medal at the European Championships in Goresati, Attila Pero said it was too dangerous for him to be included in the United States, despite that “Obviously, his situation wasn’t any easier when it came to joining the Olympic team,” often He is confident that his finger will be fine in the Athens World League Final, and then he will definitely be given the opportunity to prove himself.

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The National Olympic Framework for Women
Goalkeepers: Edina Gangl (UVSE), Orsolya Kasó (FTC), Alda Magyari (Dunaújváros)
Field players: Dora Antal (UVSE), Camila Farago (UVSE), Krisztina Garda (Dunaújváros), Gréta Gurisatti (Dunaújváros), Anikó Gyöngyössy (BVSC), Brigitta Horváth (Dunaújváros), Anna Elis (BVC), FTC FTC), Rebecca Parkes (UVSE), Natasa Rybanska (UVSE), Dorottya Szilágyi (Dunaújváros), Gabriella Szücs (UVSE), Vanda Vályi (FTC)

Team preparation program
May 21 – June 5 – Training Camp, USA
June 7-13 – Margaret Island Drills
June 13-21 – World Cup Final in Athens
Jun 22 – Jul 8 – Training, Margaret Island
July 9-11 – SEAT Cup, Margaret Island
July 14 – Departure to Japanese training camp
July 26 – Olympic Games begin against Russia

The Hungarian women’s team is in the group with the defending champions of the United States, as well as Russia, China and Japan.


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