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Transport companies are asking politicians to reduce fines for truck drivers

Danes went to the polls this week. In this regard, Stefan K. Schou, head of ITD, took the opportunity to call on those in the future government to do something about the shortage of truck drivers in the country.

In Shaw’s opinion, in order to attract people to the profession of truck driving, the government needs to change its position of constantly fining truck drivers.

We urge the new government to thoroughly review the fine list and fines size to see how they can be reduced. Punishments must be proportionate. Otherwise, we will have a very difficult time recruiting drivers. There is no profession where there are so many opportunities to be fined in a day’s work. The result of this is that many drivers are leaving the profession, which is not in our best interest,” the head of the ITD said. In its official announcement,.

Shaw also criticized the country’s bureaucracy, as well as delays in obtaining permits. In his opinion, “a completely new approach to the road freight sector is needed. The ITD director believes that the new government should focus on “maintaining and increasing the number of Danish jobs, as well as better working conditions”.

Finally, Shaw called for “non-bureaucratic support systems” to enable carriers to switch to zero-emissions vehicles.

If carriers need to switch to zero-emissions transportation, they need tools to do so. There is a need for non-bureaucratic support systems, such as the tax credit system for green vehicles. Many carriers do not have an eco-friendly transportation department that has time for formalities. Therefore, a simple solution is needed. This is one of our main messages to politicians.”

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