Transparent Appeals to the Constitutional Court for Anonymous Donations

Transparent Appeals to the Constitutional Court for Anonymous Donations

The editor-in-chief of the “Shafaf” website revealed that the portal will not, in any way, pass the list of junior supporters of the government.

As mentioned, anonymous donations to NGOs will end. According to a government decree published on Wednesday and effective from Thursday, the possibility of anonymous donations to NGOs in Hungary will be eliminated and associations and foundations will now have to decide from whom they received how much money and send data to the government each year. .

average 1 writes about: Anonymous donations have also been made by some local media outlets, such as Answer Online, Club Radio, and the Transparent Foundation. Tamas Boudocki, editor-in-chief of Transparent, told Media1 Friday morning that Transparent is resisting and appealing to the Constitutional Court over the new decree, and under no circumstances submitting a list of their petty supporters to the government.

The editor-in-chief of Transparent website confirmed that the identities of the main supporters, such as the Open Society Foundation, which can be linked to the name of Giorgi Soros, have been published on their websites and in their reports. Budoki stressed:

We will not change our practices an inch, we will protect the data of our young supporters.”

He then reiterated that all possible legal measures will be taken against the regulation.

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