7 Tips To Make Transferring From A Community College Easier

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College can be an exciting adventure as well as a scary milestone especially, when you transfer from a two-year community college to a four-year university. Friendships have already been made from the start of freshman camp, everyone knows the school song and the ends and outs of the campus and here you are, the new kid on the block but no worries here are seven tips to make transferring from a community college easier.Transferring-From-Community-College-To-University-lg

  1. Choose the best college that suits your major.

Once you have decided on a major, make sure the university that you choose has the courses that will benefit you the most. After all you are the one paying for this and like the old saying goes “you get what you pay for.”

  1. Make sure that all of your credits will transfer to the university.

There is nothing more annoying then feeling like you have wasted your time. You don’t want to get stuck taking classes that won’t benefit you. Speak to an advisor at both schools and make sure that you are on the right track.Avoid-Losing-Community-College-Credits-When-Transferring-to-a-University-bfnquIt

  1. Get your financial aid documents turned in ahead of time.

On the first day of class or any other day for that matter, the last place that you want to be is in the financial aid line. This is usually the longest line on campus and not because they’re giving out money like Oprah gives out cars! With adjusting to university life and the excitement of the new experiences you may forget about checking those emails and financial aid notifications so it’s very important that you take care of that before the semester starts. If you pay out of pocket, GREAT! But save your receipts!

  1. Take advantage of the transfer student scholarships.

Some universities have partnerships with community colleges that allow students to transfer with a scholarship based on GPA, the number of transferable credits, major etc. If you fit the qualifications…go for it! [Tweet “College is expensive, you’ll need all the free money you can get.”]Scholarships

  1. Attend orientation.

Because you didn’t have the luxury of meeting new friends at freshman camp, the first move in day or any of those fun things that universities have to welcome incoming freshman, here’s is your chance to get familiar with the campus. Orientation is a place to meet new friends, professors, faculty and staff. You may even learn the school song!

  1. Don’t be shy!

Once you are all settled in and familiar with your new school; get involved. Trust me there will be plenty of clubs and organizations that will spark your interest. It’ a great way to meet people and maybe even showcase your talents and leadership skills. You’ll learn many valuable lessons and grow as an individual. This is also a good way to network and develop professional relationships.TransferLogo

  1. Stay focused

Sometimes going from a small community college to a big university can be overwhelming. More people, more things to do, more rules, more classes, more of everything! Nevertheless you must remember what your ultimate goal is…to earn a DEGREE! If you began to feel any type of anxiety or overwhelmed go talk to a counselor, professor or close friend that can help you figure things out. Manage your time wisely.


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