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Trans athletes: a policy approved by Boxe Canada ahead of the festivities?

Trans athletes: a policy approved by Boxe Canada ahead of the festivities?

Another federation, Boxe Canada general manager Christopher Lindsay, told Sports Radio-Canada of the “urgent need” to avoid politics surrounding transgender athletes. Feeling reminiscent of the events that took place in Victoriaville at the end of October.

It appears Christopher Lindsay’s message has been heard. Le CA de Boxe Canada is available to watch about a political story, [aujourd’hui]in response to the Director General of the Federation by courier, Mercredi.

This political news will be sent to the provinces and cells before the upcoming AGM debate event on December 9. After this meeting, CA de Boxe Canada will meet to vote for or against political approvalaccording to Christopher Lindsay

A delay is also implemented by the Director General of the organization that opens the fund in countries where it wants to increase selections – and quickly.

Boxe Canada stopped holding this amount after several weeks, but the CA, after approving it, acknowledged the complex nature of the file.

It’s a polarizing topic, but it has a lot of variables to consider“, says Ariane Fortin, former boxer and president of the Quebec Olympic Boxing Federation. I just hate that this is what he agrees to and be in the direct line of. You don’t need more people. Yes, it’s a big safety toy, and it can’t be stored. I understand Tanya (Bissonnette) moving for safety and I understand Mia (Walmsley) freaking out.

The Quebec Federation has led to a Gants League ceremony, with the fight between Tania Bissonnette and Mia Walmsley in Victoriaville in the summer canceled.

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In Boxe Québec, since boxer Mya Walmsley was a trans person, there was no political absence imposed on Boxe Canada, where the Québec federation was referred, which is far from the direct line of the ‘organisme SafeSport.

Fortunately, j’aurais refait la même selectedAvoid reading Ariane Fortin. In order to advance this athlete who participates in competition, is not on the field, in times of reflection. Notre job comme CA (de Boxe Québec), is the search for the interests of the federation. In some context, there is nothing political, it may always be shown for the sake of things. This vision board is a legal angle, but when it is part of the choices he has to take into account, and as it is not political, it is in line with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Ariane Fortin did not attempt to engage in political dialogue.

Moi, he told me that he had been able to do so. This is the work of the International Association of Political Action. This is a hot topic, even though people don’t want to flip out.

But the president of Quebec boxing points out that his sport has undergone major changes on the international stage. L’IBA, the International Boxing Federation, was created by the CIO, next June.

The international boxing community returns to World Boxing, which will see Print Day, which will hold its first meeting at the end of November in Germany.

World boxing is a former train. There are many aspects that need to be sorted out before this tie-up can be approved by the CIO, but it shows promise. I don’t think it’s a matter of priority to adopt a policy towards transgender athletesa poll by Ariane Fortin, who directs those directed to appear again in his name.

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Not to mention, Christopher Lindsay mentioned on Radio Canada Sports last week that Boxe Canada president Ryan O’Shea intended to discuss the status of athletes at this first conference.

We are convinced that other countries are experiencing the same situation. We want to encourage world boxing to adopt clear rules regarding transgender athletesannounced M. Lindsay, last week.

Confusion about past politics

By browsing the Internet, it is possible to find a document, originating from Boxe Canada, with the title Politics around transgender athletes. Document dated November 2020.

Christopher Lindsay and Ariane Fortin confirmed that they have no political connection to Boxe Canada.

It seems that the document is always available through a search engine, and not just nonsense from an old policy, approved by the CA de la fédération Nationale.

“The university is not active and living a politics that was modern,” Fortin explains. This is the cause of the confusion. There is no strong political policy to pool athletes across Boxe Canada, which can be guaranteed.

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