Trams on the main street of Miskolc changed to the pace of a leopard

No need to slow down

We managed to open the Chamber of Secrets and found out that the broken rail was the cause of the speed limit. That is why the 5 km speed limit is marked so that trains can pass through dangerous sections as accurately as possible.

It is fixed by welding

We inquired at Miskolc Városi Közlekedesi (MVK) Zrt. on why railways fail and why it takes so long to correct a fault that is bothering passengers.

The point is that the electrical bars in Miskolc were laid without gaps at that time, and therefore more susceptible to breakage due to temperature changes and other external influences. Until recovery, a speed limit is reasonably introduced at the break site in order to ensure traffic safety.

The repair is by welding, which is mostly done at a time when there is not much traffic, as this is unthinkable without sealing the section. Before welding, the casing must also be removed at the cut site, so it is a key intervention.

It was fixed, but…

After the intersection of Dayka Gábor utca and Hunyadi utca, the railway outage was fixed a long time ago, but between Centrum and Electric Police, the speed limit was in place until the last few days. Then the sign disappeared and we saw with our own eyes that the repair was done there too.

It was difficult to miss it, because it was not possible to hide the place where the casing was broken in an aesthetic way. Instead of stone blocks, they filled the area around the railway repair with something like asphalt.

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Removing the repair site was not very aesthetically pleasing

But to my heart’s delight, trams no longer need to travel at snail’s speed. If no further railway outage occurs. Let’s hope…

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