Train Sim World 3 test

Train Sim World 3 test

Two years later, the Train Sim World series appeared with a new version, and the developers are aiming to take another step towards unconditional fidelity to life. We looked at whether this was a real movement or just a wrinkle.

Third stop

Since 2018, the Train Sim World series has been trying to win over fans of train simulators, PC and those interested in the genre – the British matching games Try replacing the old classic Train Simulator with this version. Over the years, the franchise has received many small and big updates, renewed releases, and of course a large number of additions, and while there is already commitment and enthusiasm on the part of the developers, as a game they only minimally manage to rise above the rusty bars of the mid-level. In the past few days, it was Train Sim World 3a new version of the well-known emulator, which is not as new as the title might suggest.

Let’s make it clear right away that Train Sim World 3 is actually not a new production, not a “sequel”, but practically an updated version of Part Two available so far, on the same technical basis, with some new (mainly graphic) tricks. himself Unreal Engine 4.26, which is used by the previous part, and thanks to this, full compatibility is also possible: all additional content purchased in TSW 2 can be transferred to the third part, where it can continue to be played unchanged. Who has the With a real Dovetail accountIt can even import your progress, complete tasks, statistics, and everything. So it works as a platform and not a “real” new game. Unfortunately, the fact that it didn’t arrive as a mere update, but as a new, full-priced title, has more marketing reasons than technical ones.

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The basics of the simulator remain the same: 1:1 scale models of some selected routes (three new ones this time) and sections of real railway tracks, where we can operate licensed trains. There is a so-called armed predetermined conditions scenarios (“Attitudes”), a full 24 hour schedule on each track (timetable), whose hundreds of flights can be made one after another, in any dynamic or random climatic conditions. On the roads, you should pay attention not only to the exact stopping point, passengers or cargo, but also to local signaling systems, speed limits and safety systems for individual trains. No one who has ever played Train Sim World will find anything new in Episode III, as it continues the structure of its predecessor perfectly.

In terms of content, we get three new tracks (more precisely, two and a half). In Germany, between Kassel and Würzburg, we can race a high-speed line of 186 km, the longest route in the history of the franchise, with two express trains (ICE 1 and ICE 3), regional freight and overnight. The United States is a Cajun Pass Represents, where we can carry out freight business in the desert environment BNSF with its electric machines. Finally, old and new style Southeast speed extended The route from Great Britain, much longer than the previous version, with more trains, services, intersections, a wrinkle environment and high-speed regional operations. It might be frustrating for those who’ve already bought it for the second part, but it offers enough new stuff to not be seen as just peeling the skin.

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train sim world 3 xbox game

We cannot say that treating TSW 3 as a separate production is completely unfounded, because it is new because it does not represent a fundamental change. For starters, the revamped user interface is right there. The British development team has been struggling for years to create a normal user interface, and now it has finally succeeded for the third time. Train Sim World 3 has clean, modern menus that are easy to navigate. The franchise was already forced to handle a massive amount of content (which caused problems for developers, mainly due to the limitations of the PlayStation platform), and thankfully, they were able to design the new interface knowing they could prepare for it in advance. The result is still not perfect, but it’s still a huge improvement over the modest, low-cost surrounds of its predecessors.

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