Train Life: A Railway Simulator has been released for PC

Train Life: A Railway Simulator has been released for PC


Console releases will follow in September.

29.08.2022 09:30 | Jax | Category: game

There can never be enough simulators, now by expanding their list we can manage trains too Train Life: Railway Simulatorin. More specifically, not just trains, but an entire rail network company that covers every detail.

The trailer shows the different locations, routes, and some missions in the game.

In Train Life: Railway Simulator you can buy replicas of real trains, and with their help you can transport passengers and products across 10 countries. Each locomotive will have unique characteristics, for example in terms of power and braking systems, which we must learn to drive taking into account, while also complying with traffic rules and even adapting to weather conditions.

In the game, we do not have to guide every 10,000 km of railway tracks, we can hire people to do various tasks. Whether it’s a traffic controller, maintenance worker, or railroad construction, there will be applicants for everything. We can customize our trains externally and internally, and we can also have themed trains such as ICE3 or NEWAG Griffin.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator has launched on PC, and releases for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S will follow on September 22. ■

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