Train: Jobbik cannot upload a picture like this!

Train: Jobbik cannot upload a picture like this!

“This is the latest spread that wants to show the distaste for Trump and NER with one crucifixion.” Gabor Vona stated on his community page in response to Jobbik’s entry on Tuesday.

As previously reported, he portrayed a supposedly left-wing retiree “As a believer in Urban” On the Jobbik Facebook page. The post, which caused major repercussions, however, forced the party to remove it, which pleased the high-ranking salary with another job Tuesday.

“corrector” In its recording, the party had already argued, inter alia, in their opinion thatTrump Samanoke (…)They are like the believers in Urban who present themselves in a collective rattling mockery of the peace process, which is supposed to storm Parliament in 2022, after Orban’s fall, in the same way that the populists of the American populist comrade followed.

However, according to Gabor Vona, the use of crosses is indefensible

However, Jobbik’s recent pull has already been witnessed by the former party chief, Gábor Vona, who voiced his displeasure in an unusually sharp post on Facebook.

As shown:

I feel ashamed of myself and happy that I am not among you right now. This is a disgrace. We are ahead of DK on the left… ”

Wrote the ex-president of the party, who is still in office Commentary War It also gets complicated with one of the commenters, Zoltan Szutiori Lazar, who is also from Jobbik.

Vuna: This is unacceptable

Szotiori According to Jobbik, the entry ‘Although it was completely unfortunate – clearly not an anti-Christian message, she would like to point out that both Orban and Trump supporters are pursuing the most cruel and exclusionary policy, citing Christianity. So Christians are only at the level of symbols, not at the level of verbs“.

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However, Gabor Vona disagreed. he wrote:

Oh my! Jobbik cannot upload such an image. This is the latest pro-incitement to demonstrate an aversion to Trump and NER with one solid this is unacceptable. “

Gabor Vona stated in his response.

The Gábor Vona comment quoted above can be found below:

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