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Tragedy of Hungarian Wizz Air pilots in Sweden: “Understanding the unfathomable”

Tragedy of Hungarian Wizz Air pilots in Sweden: “Understanding the unfathomable”

In a heartbreaking social media post, he said goodbye to the two university’s Aeronautical Sports Association (MSE) captains. Their full names have not been made public, so they are listed in our magazine by their first names only.

Photo: Facebook/University Sports Aviation Association

In its statement, the Ministry of Education says:

On behalf of her management, we inform you of the deep, immeasurable shock and pain that Danielle and Gabor have lost their lives.

They haven’t said anything about the background of what happened, but it’s the pilots who crashed their small plane into the Baltic Sea off the coast of Sweden on Sunday. According to RTL, the plane took off from Poland and was on its way to Dala Jarna Airport in central Sweden, but for unknown reasons it headed to Skavsta Airport in Stockholm. Wizz Air Paper On Monday, he confirmed that both were co-workers at the airline.

The Ministry of Education confirmed that the official information is provided after the approval of the family and at their request. “Until then, we try to accept the unacceptable. We ask members of the press not to contact us out of respect for the grief of our families, co-workers and plane friends and the memory of our lost loved ones, and we do not want to comment at this time.”

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