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Tragedy in the Moscow Canal: all eight members of the tour died in the flood

Tragedy in the Moscow Canal: all eight members of the tour died in the flood

Flooding caused by heavy rain on Sunday was so fast in the Russian capital that it swept away All eight members of the tour group lost their livesAs they look at the Neglinka River, a tributary of the city’s main river, the Moskva, which runs through the underground canal, with their tour guide, they don’t have time to escape.

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Sergei SobyaninMoscow’s mayor described the incident as a terrible tragedy on Monday.

In the Russian capital, several companies organize canal tours, quite a few of which date back to the 19th century. comes from the century.

Most of the victims appear to have been swept away by the Moskva River and were found by divers near Zaryadye Park, just off Red Square.

The authority filed a criminal case, claiming that safety rules were not followed during the event, which it described as an “illegal trip”. More than 20 people signed up for the tour originally, but most of them later backed out due to the weather forecast. I reported about it Based on RIA Novosti, BBC.

One of the organizers fled

Russian investigators announced that they had identified the people involved in organizing the tour. One of them was arrested and charged, but the other is believed to have left the country and went to the UAE.

A complete evacuation near Moscow and something explodes – video

And in Sergiev Posad, near the Russian capital, a huge explosion occurred in a fireworks warehouse. Windows were broken in many homes and more than 30 people were injured. Read more —>

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