Traffic resumed at Kabul airport

Traffic resumed at Kabul airport

US General Hank Taylor of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced on Monday that traffic has resumed at Kabul International Airport.

The situation at the airport that has runways from Afghanistan Thousands of people who tried to escape were confused, It became so severe that the start and reception of flights were suspended for several hours on Monday afternoon.

Hundreds of civilians seeking to flee Afghanistan stormed Kabul International Airport, At least seven people died in the chaos that followed. Some found their deaths after crashing from a US military C-17 transport plane, clung to its side before takeoff.

Satellite image taken by Maxar Technologies on August 16, 2021 of people flooding the runway at Kabul International Airport.Source: MTI / EPA / Maxar Technologies

After the airport traffic resumes A German Air Force transport aircraft A400M has landed. Security sources said that its mission is to evacuate German citizens from Afghanistan.
Previously, the implementation of the operation at the airport was delayed due to chaos.
Berlin also promised to help many Afghans who worked with the German government in various capacities, including military operations, and who are now being persecuted by the Taliban.

The Uzbek capital, Tashkent, is the center of the German evacuation. Flights from Kabul stop there first, and then passengers fly on civilian flights to Germany.

Germany has sent several A400M transport aircraft to the region.

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