Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell units will be used by French truck maker Hyliko

A leading developer of electric hydrogen fuel cell technology that emits clean water as a byproduct, Toyota, which previously shared 5,700 patents related to green propulsion for free, now has a hydrogen-powered passenger car (called Mirai, which means future in Japanese), vans and vans. Buses, forklifts, ships and trains too.

Toyota also produces hydrogen fuel cell modules that can be used in various fields in Europe. In Brussels, one of them will be used by France’s Hyliko, which integrates the Japanese automaker’s environmentally conscious fuel cell modules into heavy trucks. The application of Toyota’s fuel cell modules to trucks expands the portfolio of existing European hydrogen partners for the Japanese automaker operating in various sectors, while the introduction of heavy commercial vehicles on the continent accelerates the development of the European hydrogen ecosystem.

French startup Hyliko plans to integrate Toyota’s second-generation hydrogen fuel cell units into large trucks in order to create a zero-emissions fleet. This latest collaboration in the truck sector expands Toyota’s portfolio of partnerships, offering fuel cell technology for hydrogen solutions in various sectors, including trains, buses, generators and various marine equipment. Toyota’s European fuel cell business is looking to further expand into the commercial vehicle segment to accelerate the growth of zero-emission hydrogen mobility. Specifically, he sees great promise in trucks, which ensure that 77 percent of all goods transported on European roads reach their destination. While the lower mass of hydrogen systems allows for greater load capacity, rapid hydrogen refueling is also essential for heavy commercial transportation with high utilization. Commercial truck usage patterns and demand for greater amounts of hydrogen play a major role in the development of sustainable infrastructure. Globally, Toyota is already working with a number of trucking partners to integrate fuel cell technology into heavy-duty trucks. Launched in 2019 in the US, the ZANZEFF “Shore to Store” project has recently shown that fuel cell electric trucks can outperform their diesel counterparts, providing a zero-emission alternative that is ready for commercialization.

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The partnership with Hyliko is another step towards TME’s vision of European hydrogen ecosystems, which will encourage both supply and demand to develop into viable business models. As hydrogen energy is a key pillar of Europe’s energy strategy, TME prioritizes expanding different types of fuel cell applications within hydrogen ecosystems to support their growth. TME’s partnership strategy aims to create synergies between different business sectors and support communities that wish to further expand towards full hydrogen corridors.

“We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Hyliko on the supply of fuel cell modules. Hyliko is a dynamic startup with a broad hydrogen vision, where they plan to offer all the main components of an ecocluster: fuel cell truck, green hydrogen supply, leasing and maintenance system. This outlook is considered Comprehensive and long-term development of a viable hydrogen ecosystem is essential to business sustainability and investor reassurance. Together with partners like Hyliko, we continue to drive environmental clusters across Europe towards a greater hydrogen community, which is a key building block for achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.” – said Thiebault Paquet, Toyota European Vice President for R&D and Head of the Fuel Cell Business Unit.

Hyliko will offer two fuel cell trucks: a 44-ton tractor and a 26-ton truck (available in 6×2 and 6×4 versions). Each vehicle will be equipped with two Toyota fuel cell units. As part of its truck rental offerings, Hyliko plans to deploy its green hydrogen infrastructure, including fuel production, storage and distribution.

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“We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with Toyota, who will power our first vehicles with hydrogen technology. Known for their reliability and performance, Toyota fuel cell units are key components in the design and construction of our new hydrogen trucks. In addition to our desire to develop clean road freight vehicles And effective, we are looking to expand the key elements of our offering, including hydrogen truck rental and maintenance, as well as hydrogen refueling.We would like to introduce our new fuel cell truck in the near future to help achieve the goals of decarbonising road freight, a key sector in Our economy.adds Ovarith Troeung, CEO of Hyliko.

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