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Toyota, which shocked the world, revealed 15 new electric cars at once

Toyota, which shocked the world, revealed 15 new electric cars at once

The Japanese manufacturer has hardly any electric models yet, but now it is opening the door to competition.

Akio Toyoda and new Toyota electric cars. Click on the image, the gallery opens!Source: Toyota

Toyota was completely surprised by the fact that it introduced 15 electric cars at a time we hadn’t seen anywhere before. These include hatchbacks, sedans, RVs, SUVs, sports cars and commercial vehicles, a mix of Toyota and Lexus. Toyota will unveil 30 electric vehicles by the end of the decade, with more than half of that now revealed in one go, as it was the 16th vehicle revealed this spring that will be revealed this spring. bZ4X SUV is being.

Source: Toyota

Toyoda Akio announced that by 2030, the goal will be to sell 3.5 million electric and fuel cell vehicles annually, instead of the previously reported 2 million. This represents nearly a third of Toyota’s global sales. The head of the company also revealed that instead of the previously planned 1,500 billion yen, i.e. 5,720 billion HUF will be spent on battery development In the near future, Toyota and Lexus will be carbon neutral by 2035.

Toyota bZ model family completeSource: Toyota

In addition to the already well-known bZ4X, other members of the bZ model family were introduced, a compact SUV, an Aygo-like small SUV, a large SUV and a mid-size sedan. These are huge models, but in addition to this, 11 other cars were pulled from the hood, including SUVs, vans, commercial vehicles and supercars.

Lexus will only sell electric models in Europe, China and North America after 2030, and is expected to sell 1 million units annually in the rest of the world after 2035. In 2022, the luxury brand will introduce its first dedicated electric car, which is Toyota bZ4X And Subaru Soltera– (e-TNGA platform) and later a full-size RX-sized SUV, a mid-size IS sports sedan and an exciting sports car.

Based on the shape, the focus is on the sportiness of the Lexus electric carSource: Lexus

Lexus president Koji Sato revealed that it will be a supercar that will have all the mandatory elements of the genre, from flat construction to aggressive looks to dynamism.

Lexus does not yet have a name for its electric sports carSource: Lexus

It will accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds It could be a worthy successor to the legendary Lexus LFA, Which took 3.7 seconds to do so. Its high energy-density battery is expected to provide a range of about 700 km, providing enough reserve for its driver to occasionally press the throttle to the ground.

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