A kiskereskedelem megújításán dolgozik a Toyota

Toyota is revamping its retail business

“Our mission at Toyota is to be futuristic, discovering the social issues that need to be addressed and then finding future mobility solutions for them,” said Akio Ori, Vice President of Research and Development at Toyota Motor North America and President of ITL.

Akio Ori explained that many retailers today are forced to close, while store owners are faced with not occupying their stores, so they came up with a new, more flexible retail concept.

Multiple uses

The ITL Toyota Agilis Space concept offers physical warehouse space as a space-saving, customizable and versatile solution.

Women’s fashion brand Cuyana has been chosen as the first user of this concept. Cuyana will test it as a mobile showroom, allowing you to present your products to people without having to rent retail space for the long term. The “mobile” showroom will be set up at a total of five locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, part of its conglomerate, between June and December.

Although retail is not part of Toyota’s core business, the company has a significant knowledge base in the areas of mobility, space optimization, and just-in-time production, and ITL sees it able to use these skills to develop retail.

Everyone wins, but mostly buyers

ITL developers have created a concept that allows companies to showcase their products in a new environment, while ensuring higher occupancy for commercial premises – benefiting tenants and building owners.

By using this concept, retailers can respond more quickly to changing customer needs. Merchants can try out multiple rooms without making a long-term commitment. In addition, customers can get the best possible customer experience, becoming the biggest winners of the solution.

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At ITL, they are confident that their retail concept will later be used in other ways, such as in the office, healthcare service location, or childcare.

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