Toy Soldiers HD may be released in late summer

Toy Soldiers HD may be released in late summer


After a good ten years, the popular strategy game has revived.

17/5/2017 15:14 | Jerig | Category: Game

It was released in 2010 Signal Studios A strategic action game, the game of soldiers. As the title suggests, we were able to mount an attack against the game of other fighters with unrepeatable commanding soldiers and other children’s games. The game introduced a single-player campaign and online multiplayer mode, with several DLCs added after the premiere.

A Signal Studios most prof Game acceleration Together with the publisher, it brings to life the experiences of ten years ago, such as Soldiers HD game. The developers promise that it’s not just an HD-and-Roll HD gameplay, as it not only increases the beautification of the graphics but also refreshes the gameplay here and there.

We also get new content, refined in controls, sounds and camera management. Of course, in addition to the single-player campaign missions, the multiplayer mode will return, and all released DLCs will be part of the package. If all goes according to plan, Toy Soldiers will also be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The premiere may take place sometime in August. ■

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