Tournament: The Olympic session is at stake in the European Championships

Zsófia Kovács Don’t worry about the Olympic Quota! (Image: MATSZ)

Sándor Altorjai, Secretary General of the Hungarian Gymnastics Association (MATSZ), said on the federation’s website that based on the decision of the International Olympic Committee, two additional quotas will be allocated to each continent (but only one per country), with the exception of Australia and Oceania.
In the European Championships, Olympic qualification can be obtained on the day of the complex individual qualifiers, and the best performing gymnasts will take it. The sporting director said it was important for competitors who had not yet done so to get the right to start the Five Rings games, so it was a name-based stake.

Gymnasts who have already qualified as a team or individual in the 2018 or 2019 World Championships, as well as competitors who will also be there in Tokyo based on their World Cup results, will be excluded from the comparison of results achieved in individual qualifications.
Due to this complex system, it is not possible to determine who will have the remaining places for the Olympiad immediately after the qualifiers. We have to wait until the final list is officially announced by the International Federation, as it is also conceivable that the contestants will come from certain countries to Basel whose teams already have a stake, but they themselves were not members of the national team of that country at the time, in this case they will remain. In the competition, the head of the delegation, Eb.

Regarding Olympic qualification, two women, Csenge Bácskay and Zója Székely, can be considered for Hungary, where they will start four times. Zsófia Kovács is disqualified because it is already a stakeholder in the five-episode games. In the case of men, Krisztofer Mészáros, Krisztián Balázs and Szabolcs Bátori measure themselves six times, so they can fight for Tokyo.

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