Tournament: The composite World Cup singles series are canceled

Tournament: The composite World Cup singles series are canceled

MTI has learned that the World Cup qualifying series for the Individual Olympic Games for Gymnastics has been canceled.

World Cup series canceled (Photo: AFP)


The International Federation (FIG) announced, Wednesday, the cancellation of the prestigious series of competitions due to travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus epidemic. The first of the four stops was held – last year in Milwaukee – and the Battle of Tokyo this year will not be missed either, as it is an Olympic Athletic Test competition that has been postponed to the summer. In Stuttgart and Birmingham, however, the rounds scheduled for March and April cannot be held, respectively, and the rules require that at least three competitions be held in order for the series’ results to be counted in the Olympic qualifiers.

The unused shares were divided among the winners of the podium at the 2019 World Cup in Stuttgart, meaning Russia, China and Japan for men, and the United States, China and Russia for women. Thus, in the men’s sphere, 82 of the 98 places and 84 places were sold for women.

The remaining stakes will be distributed in the single World Cup series and continental tournaments, which will end in mid-March.

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