Totem: Gabe Volgiese attacked Ferenc Varga because he "didn't bother"

Totem: Gabe Volgiese attacked Ferenc Varga because he “didn’t bother”

Age comes to mind.

a totem In the last part it turns out again as before blonde Zoltan, And therefore the valley gaby He’s also just an outsider on his own team. It’s true that the singer isn’t viewed with as much hate by her teammates as Blond was before, but apparently not all is well between them. Now it turns out that Vulgis, with their captain, shoemaker French Nor is his relationship pure.

The singer also got out of the tent to find the coach, pouring out all her worries and troubles.

There are some things that bother you and you should know that. I’ll start with what’s nice: I remember my dear grandmother, my mother. She was a grandmother, she always reminded me of her age when she was Mamizole. I know moms are often called moms, but somehow we manage mom. Mom, mom, you’re done. If you can pay attention to it…otherwise no problem. If you try, thank you. Mom, Gabe, it doesn’t matter.

Then the singer also mentioned that Varga had previously called her the weakest link in the game.

This was explained by Völgyesi as the coach made a comment about his age.

In the end, it turns out that Varga thought about the mental state, according to him, Völgyesi is not always at the head of the game, in fact, he considers it a bit unstable and vain.

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