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Totalcar – Magazine – Volkswagen’s ultra-modern electric car plant has been built in Wolfsburg

Total Car - Magazine - Volkswagen will set up a new German factory for electric cars

We’ve heard before that Volkswagen Trinity is developing an ever more modern electric car, and it looks like an entire new plant is being built for it. The goal will be to significantly improve productivity, so a completely new plant is being built for the new model, but it will be built in Wolfsburg, home to the company’s headquarters, mostly under pressure from unions.

Construction of the new plant is scheduled to begin in 2023 and production to begin in 2026. The first product will be a vehicle roughly the size of a Passat, which, despite its electric propulsion, is said to offer a range of more than 700 km on a single charge, and will be machine-ready from The Level 4 is self-driving, and it’s probably the top model for the VW brand. But the real challenge will not be in the design of the car, but in the production with which I want to achieve the efficiency of the Tesla plant in Berlin. Thus, in the new plant, one of these luxury cars will have to be completed within 10 working hours.

So far, little detail has been given on how it is planned to achieve this, all that has been said is that fewer model variants will be created, with fewer parts types, more automation, and a new logistics concept. That is why they build a new plant: it is assumed that it is cheaper to retrofit an existing plant due to the radically new concept.

Volkswagen allocates a total of 2 billion euros to Trinity Although not only is this type likely to be produced with an annual factory capacity of 250,000, other models will also be built on the SSP system, which is intended to be a successor to all of the Volkswagen Group’s previous standard plywood.

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