Totalcar - Magazine - This will be the cabin of the Tesla truck driver

Totalcar – Magazine – This will be the cabin of the Tesla truck driver

Almost five years since then Tesla tractor was introduced, the fantastically named model is only half. Since then, they’ve mostly been just promises, Delays announced one by one. However, in May of this year, the order was already opened, and two weeks ago Elon Musk announced that the first copies would be delivered this year. Meanwhile, Simi’s official website has been quietly updated.

There is also a video (below, this The original source is here), which shows the driver’s cab of the production model, although at the moment it also looks like a computer rendering. The basic philosophy has not changed compared to previous previews, that is, the driver’s seat is located in the middle. On the one hand, this is justified by a better look, and on the other hand, it may also mean that it will be easier to sell in countries with left and right traffic.

On either side of the steering wheel, there are two large touch screens, which are, to put it mildly, not an integral part of the visual elements. On the contrary, it displays the image of the camera, but does not replace the outside rear-view mirrors, but complements them, reducing blind spots. In addition, it seems that they can display navigation information, information about the condition of the car, and many other data.

The console on the driver’s right side, on the other hand, has been reworked and sculpted to be more practical. In principle, it will also be possible to wirelessly charge two phones, which will be Tesla’s response to the fact that many truck drivers carry two devices: one for themselves and one for the company. Anyway, it also reached both sides of the driver’s seat from the armrest.

The updated site also reveals that instead of the previously promised four engines, three units for driving the rear axles will be installed. They promise a range of 300-500 miles, or roughly 480-800 kilometers, which is roughly in line with previous information, and Tesla gave it based on a total weight of 82,000 pounds, roughly 37 tons. To charge half an hour up to 70 percent, it takes half an hour with fast charging.

However, the bigger question remains whether the Tesla saddle will actually arrive this year, or whether it will have to wait much longer.

Pictures: Tesla

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