Totalcar - Magazine - Suzuki has also joined the Toyota Electric Vehicle Alliance

Totalcar – Magazine – Suzuki has also joined the Toyota Electric Vehicle Alliance

The Toyota Electric Vehicle Alliance is growing, with the goal of helping different manufacturers develop together in the areas of electric propulsion and autonomous driving, saving a lot of money and time. Now Suzuki and Daihatsu have joined the community.

We already wrote this weekHonda wants to involve partners in developing its electric vehicles. In the transitional period over the decade, he lost a large person who was at a disadvantage, so with the exception of huge companies such as Volkswagen or Stellants, almost everyone flees to work with strangers to save time and money. For example, Toyota formed a joint venture with Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation last April with Isuzu and Hino, primarily working on electric and autonomous commercial vehicles. It has now been expanded with two other manufacturers.

Suzuki and Daihatsu can work with other Japanese manufacturers on the line of small commercial vehicles, but primarily Toyota. In the kei class, which is very popular in Japan, the two manufacturers that have just joined are very strong players, while Suzuki and Daihatsu can expect a lot more from Toyota in the electric drive field. As part of the cooperation, different manufacturers conduct joint research, and share development and logistics data with each other. You can’t hear much more now, like sharing a specific model, though This collaboration already exists From the company to Toyota and Suzuki for example.

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