Totalcar - Magazine - Still Don't Need to Replace All of Your Chevy Bolt Batteries?

Totalcar – Magazine – Still Don’t Need to Replace All of Your Chevy Bolt Batteries?

General Motors found itself in a difficult situation due to the battery fires in the Chevrolet Bolt: Car owners were still waiting for the recall to be carried out, and production at the Bolt had to be closed. The situation is said to have been eased with new software that can, on the one hand, filter faulty battery cells, and on the other, alert you when something goes wrong.

It is planned that this program will be installed by hand It appears to be particularly prone to inflammation For cars manufactured between 2017 and 2019, on the other hand, it can be used to filter out defective battery cells in later cars, so you don’t have to replace all the battery cells in all stores. However, in 17-19 cars, they promise a complete battery replacement, but in cars manufactured between 2020 and 22, they are more likely to look for the wrong cells.

GM and LG have reportedly found flaws that caused the fires: They say the technology allowed the cell-separation film to wrinkle and tear off the contact marks on the cells. These seemingly minor flaws may have led to stores blazing with a charged battery in recent years.

After defects are identified, LG’s battery module production can resume, and GM promises to try to get as many battery modules from LG as possible, but cell replacement is still a slow and long process, with 110,000 in the US alone the car needs a recall and more. Half of this battery needs to be replaced. In this context, Bolt and Bolt EUV أنواع types Production stopped earlier It cannot be restarted until mid-October.

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General Motors’ electric cars, unlike many other manufacturers, use large, bag-like cells. The company’s experts have previously justified this on the grounds that faster and cheaper production is possible in this way rather than using the known smaller cylindrical cells. The explanation is simple: one cell of these cysts corresponds to approximately 20 cylinders. But it now appears that this specific format has caused a problem for General Motors.

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