Totalcar - Magazine - production of the first Zeekr electric car has already begun

Totalcar – Magazine – production of the first Zeekr electric car has already begun

The formation of the new brand is not without precedent, but it is still doubtful that From a male advertisement It took six months to create the brand and start production in an ultra-modern factory.

Zeekr’s Intelligent Factory in Ningbo, China – apparently built previously, even under the name of its parent company, Geely – is said to have outstanding automation. More than three hundred robots work here with minimal human assistance.

The first product was Zeekr 001, which was also introduced before the brand was founded: it was originally known as Lynk & Co Zero. It also bears the style marks typical of Lynk & Co products, but will go on sale under the Zeekr name on October 23 in China.

In terms of brand new why you find it more difficult to find an answer than how, but not impossible. Geely is listing the Volvo and Polestar brands – although it hasn’t lost control yet – and it appears that the company’s executives wanted their own brand as well as the Swedish-origin brands that could compete directly with Tesla in China.

Zeekr delivers or at least promises everything Tesla knows: its fast-charging network across China, self-management, and updated remote system software. The data for the 001 is also promising: the top version comes with a 100 kWh battery, a twin-motor system with 544 hp and a range of about 700 km. In addition, they promise a very fast charge: it is said that the distance can be increased by 120 km in 5 minutes.

It will be interesting to see how the brand’s new career can continue, as Zeekr has so far built on republishing devices already produced with other labels at such a dizzying pace. For now, they seem to be focusing on China, and although they promised exports from 2022, those promises that Chinese companies usually take less seriously are those promises.

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