Totalcar - Magazine - Power Meter: BMW M6 Gran Coupé Competition

Totalcar – Magazine – Power Meter: BMW M6 Gran Coupé Competition

Kiss Norbit is well known to everyone in the automotive world. He brought a little modern approach to truck driving, and we all know the results – again this year he is the European Champion! In his private life, however, he drives a BMW F06 rather than a semi-trailer. The M6s are said to be stronger than the factory promise, so let’s measure it!

Norbit has already been measured in the European Truck Championship: the result is first place, the championship title! driving a man on the ring, And the owner in the series made a great Octavia in our series. However, his car of his own is the BMW M6 Gran Coupé with the Competition Package. BMW is great, but here it is driven strictly only by the rear wheel, as in racing cars. This is the end of the similarity if we do not take the door that opens out and other smart things. Here the V8 operates with a 90-degree cylinder angle of 4,395 cc. The S63 engine has a conventional crankshaft and everything inside was built around 2012 when it was designed. Nice to measure such a beautiful and powerful car, I don’t think I was excited about the result alone. How much does it cost? You can find out from the video.

The water cooler, two of which are on the front of the MBW M6, wasn’t famous for its great cooling even when it was designed. On the other hand, it promises a short air path and a fairly constant and stable manifold temperature, unlike an air solution. Why do you need this? Of course due to emission.

Bab Tibi A M6 drove in an international exhibition, Andras Stamp Try the Gran Coupe, the two can consist of the type of car that Norby Kiss drives. We’re seeing more and more of them in use today, of course they’ll never be dominant in Street View, but they’re of the current kind that are more accessible. Its shape still pleases today, it will take a little time and the performance of any dog. The impressive range of 4,500 rpm delivers Factory A torquesummit, which is, therefore, more stable, its performance is indicated by the catalog at 6000-7000 rpm. All this can enhance the impression in us that electronic restrictions play a very large role, and there is a little devil ride that there can be a lot of reserves in this. So perhaps the engine is immortal.

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