Totalcar - Magazine - Karotta scratches relentlessly

Totalcar – Magazine – Karotta scratches relentlessly

# a fork

We don’t like Avantime due to its sporty flair. We love the Avantime because it was made (all 8,557 parts, God forbid) that it was clear to everyone who co-developed it that it was an inappropriate, useless, clumsy, expensive, and useless car. A 2 + 2 person bus-coupe-greenhouse. A 2 + 2 person bus-coupe-greenhouse. What did you expect

The only excuse for her existence is that insanely so much joy, so much laughter, damned on each other’s shoulders that just unbelievable, that this is actually in production now, somehow, has soaked her pores. Avantime is when you don’t draw a card on the nineteenth, but tackle the entire surface, the brifcode, your chair, and with a pretty much empty red wine bottle and a Camembert tablet in your hand, you’re stumbling out of the room.

I don’t know a regular person who wouldn’t be ready for it, and I don’t know a car idiot who wouldn’t want it, at the latest after trying it. Legend has it that the only car the original trio of Top Gear would love as one and it will bump into all of the serious car faces I know, at least at home, between the four walls. Packer, at one point on the set, Honorary Saber himself turned around and admitted that he almost took it for himself, he loves her so much. I said I understand, and I also understand that he didn’t dare to do it: He would have had a professional reputation forever if he turned out to have (also) Avan Time and would starve to death the next day. Luckily for me I have nothing to lose, the few street loans I raised with Hacs and The Ant and M3 against tru heads against my will, for safety’s sake, I wrote a zero for Multiple and an electrified Porsche for a long time so I’m not risking anything anymore.

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How did it look? Just the way you imagine it. If, during the slaughter of pigs in the winter, a feverish poster of the starter jumps on the live quail, clings to his ear and spurs him in the frozen yard, that is the case. With the advantage that the pig is no less than AWD.

I never put a fortnite out of it. But of course, it became, as always, Avantime-ozol: everything was damned anyway, and I smiled broadly under the mask of the plague doctor (who at least filtered the burning oil mud in the drains a little).

Tollage is so fun on the court that even a tied jacket can’t mess it up, come on with who you are. I would go as far as to if I could get the opportunity from the staff. Maybe I could find a lock key for something a little less bad at home.

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